Prince William and Prince Harry have to live by a 300-year-old law and it's never been changed.

This also goes into effect when they travel and pick schools. Even though they are the parents, they still have to get the ok from the Queen before any travel plans are made or schools are agreed on. According to an article by fox news, insiders say, the Queen is a little relaxed on the law and does not require everything be run by her, but she does know all the moves made by her grandsons and their wives.

According to a historian Marlene Koenig who told, that when Princess Diana put in her will that her brother and sister would retain custody, it was scratched from her demands immediately. According to Koenig, in the event of the Queen’s passing, the legal custody of George, Charlotte, Louis, and any other grandchildren in the palace will be passed onto their grandfather Prince Charles who would then be king. The situation will be the same for any future children born to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle.

It all seems a little unfair to me.

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