The City of Duluth has embarked on a month-long project to install excess flow valves on the natural has service to residential properties located in the Woodland area.  Officials with the city are working to alert customers and the general public to the work that got underway on Tuesday, September 8.

The project will involve a systematic approach. Work crews will start on Austin Street, and gradually work their way south to Redwing Street, Fairbault Street, Owatonna Street, Winona Street, Mankato Street, and Anoka Streets as they finish up their work.  Officials with the city estimate that each street will take one to two days to complete the installations.

So what is the public works department doing at each residential property?  According to details released by city, the gas will be shut off at each property for a short period to complete the installation.  Residential gas appliances will be re-lit by Comfort System's service department at no charge to the homeowner.  Restoration will be performed by the contractor during the installations.

If the work goes according to plan, the city anticipates that the project will be completed by the middle of October.  However - as with any outdoor work, a wide variety of factors can impact the project.

To get more details about this project or any of the service work planned by the City of Duluth, click here to visit their official website.  That's where you'll find a wealth of resource information.

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