Spring is in the air and we are rolling into summer, finally leaving that brutal winter behind us.

With that said, the National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center has their eye set on summer. They just released a weather outlook for the country, including the Duluth and Superior area. Their outlook extends into early to mid June.

From the looks of it, we will be seeing smooth sailing in the temperature department through early next month. According to their insight, the Twin Ports has a pretty moderate chance of seeing temperature above average for the month. The chances? Between fifty-five and sixty percent.

In terms of rain, it looks like things will be pretty normal for us in the Duluth and Superior area. This means we shouldn't see any wash outs for flooding.

This outlook extends through June 11th, which means it should take us pretty much through the middle of the month. It looks like a pretty promising start to summer!

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As for what we have seen so far during the month of May, it has been a pretty mild month. It was incredibly dry for the first part of it, with the National Weather Service sharing recently that we were at about five to twenty-five percent of normal when it came to precipitation in the Twin Ports.

As for what we can expect throughout the rest of the month? The Old Farmer's Almanac says we will see cool temperatures and thunderstorms into the end of the month. I think I am going to go with the National Weather Service on this one, since their forecast looks a bit nicer. Ha!

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