Todd Austin is a guitarist in Nashville Tennessee, and has been seeing the standing broom phenomenon, and decided to take it his own way.

He started standing guitars upright. He started sharing videos on his Facebook page. When I talked to him he said the Fender Telecaster guitars were the easiest and has tried many brands. A guitar expert at Corner Music in Nashville, he has had the chance to try different styles of guitars to see which stand easier and more sturdy.

Todd Austin used by permission
Todd Austin used by permission

Social media exploded with people doing the Broom Challenge. The Claim is that because of the tilt of the earth that your broom will stand upright. The Challenge is a hoax, your broom will stand because of the design of the broom. Funny how many things you can pull over the heads of people because of the internet.

The guitar standing idea has nothing to do with the earth's tilt, Todd Austin says he does it almost daily at work and can just about get any guitar to stand upright. He said to me, "Most Gibson electrics won't stand, mostly because the headstocks tilt back too far. Fenders, Danelectro, most Strat (Fender Stratocaster) shaped guitars will do it"

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