The Twin Ports got an awesome good morning message from miles above today as NASA Astronaut Jeff Williams posted a photo to social media of the Duluth- Superior area from the International Space Station.

The ISS makes several orbits around the planet during a 24-hour period, giving astronauts aboard the opportunity to see many different things below. Early this morning, Williams captured a photo of the Twin Ports and head of Lake Superior as the space station flew over Ontario (seen above). Duluth Mayor Emily Larson even tweeted a message back (seen below).

Williams, who was born in Superior and grew up in Winter, WI, is part of a 6-month mission aboard the ISS that began in March. When he returns to Earth at the end of the mission, he will be the new American record holder for cumulative days in space. That record will be 534 days, which is almost a year and a half.

The ISS is visible from Earth on a clear night, and can even be seen as a bright spot in the sky with the naked eye. You can track where the space station is by using this handy tool from NASA.