When I go to fairs and festivals I look for usual things to purchase (and something yummy to eat).  You know, stuff I can't get in a department store.  We went to the Bayfield Apple Festival and I was on the search for my treasured purchase.  I found it, love it and it leaves my husband shaking his head.

If you've been to the community of Bayfield, you know that they are situated on a hill.  By the time we arrive at the apple festival we usually end up parking up the hill and walking down.  That's not a big deal until you're tired from walking around all day and full of copious amounts of yummy food and you need to make the trek back up the hill.  As we were walking down the hill in anticipation I was taking note of what people were eating and some of their treasures they purchased.  I saw several handcrafted metal lawn ornaments that were being carried up the hill by their proud new owners.  I'm not big into lawn ornaments so it wasn't like I was intrigued to find that particular booth.  However, when we did venture by it, something else they were selling caught my eye.  It was a darling little metal dog that look just as goofy as my Schnauzer.

Cathy Kates













While my husband shakes his head with some of my purchases, he's a dear and never gives me crap and tells me no.  I proudly carried my Bauer the Schnauzer look alike home with me and grin every time I look at it!