My friend and her daughter-in-law were hiking our beautiful Jay Cooke State Park trails and decided they'd check out the campground.  They both saw something sitting on a picnic table of one of the campsites that made their jaw drop.

In her Facebook post she said they were "freaked out" by what appeared to be a baby with a horribly scary face crawling on a picnic table.  They were brave and got out of their car to walk closer to take the pictures above.  There were campers outside in the next campsite and she asked them "what's with the baby".  They responded they had no idea, but were not thrilled and would have shot it, if they had a gun.    I wouldn't have been thrilled either, I get freaked out very easily.

While I understand it's October and spooky, scary, creepy things are the norm, I don't think leaving a scary baby outside for unsuspecting passersby and other families camping at the Jay Cooke State Park to see is the greatest thing to do.  This might be somewhat traumatic for small children to see (we've all experienced a toddler with nightmare issues).

I'm sure people camping there were just doing it because it's funny, but sometimes you need to think how it might affect other people's lives.

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