Wedding rehearsal is done. The songs have been sung, and the uncles and cousins have been put in their places. Now the time has come for the wedding to begin. The church is beautiful and the emotional energy was incredible.

I’ve been ordained for over a year now, and I went through this process for my friend Jon Nelson. I felt pretty confident I could do well considering I talked for a living. The practice went well, the notes that I needed were put in the script. We were done with the rehearsal and we left the church with anticipation for the next day.

As we headed to the church, we were excited for the time that we were going to have with our friends and as I took my position, it started sinking in a little more just how important this time was. As the groomsmen and bridesmaids made their way in, it was time for Melinda, the bride, to walk down the aisle. As she approached, Jon was eagerly awaiting her. She started to cry, then her mom cried, then other people started crying. I was not prepared for this emotion. I fought off the tears as we went through the vows. Now is the time for Melinda to share her special vows with Jon’s daughter, how she wanted to be there for her and her best friend and Rochelle replied with tears of joy” I love you so much Melinda!” even I broke down and let the tears flow. What an incredible experience.


Thank you Jon and Melinda for allowing me to enjoy this great day with you and your wonderful family.


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