I was living in Nashville, TN, and I had a chance to buy tickets to see Robin Williams and Amy Grant. Amy was from Nashville and had two huge albums in a row and was about to release her biggest album ever.  I was there to see her because I had a connection to her with a mutual friend, but I was very excited to see Robin Williams.

The event was a fund raiser, and Robin was supposed to only be up for an hour, then Amy would play an hour or two. We were told Robin had just arrived from the airport and was tired and might not play the whole hour, but Amy Grant would play longer.

Well, Robin Williams got up and played almost 1 1/2-2 hours and never missed a beat. He had us laughing so hard we were all peeing our pants. He never let up, the place was just noisy from everyone laughing. I had a couple of large beverages and didn't want Robin Williams to quit, but I needed to visit the rest room. He gave a huge performance then had us all crying when he talked about why it was important for us to be there and for him to be there. When he stepped off stage I ran to the bathroom and waited in line.

When the line finally got into the bathroom I was so relieved to be finally going. When I got out they were clearing people out of the way so Robin Williams could leave, I had just stepped out of the bathroom when he was directly in front of me, I shook his hand on the way out and he said...."I hope you washed your hands......ugh, Mr. Williams dead of apparent d*&k germ"....So, I yelled, "I washed....it's ok!" Then he yelled, "I'm gonna live, I'm gonna live!"

I had a few moments with him and got to exchange a short conversation.....somewhat anyway. I will never forget that night, and now more than ever it lives in my thoughts of him as I send my well wishes to his family.


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