I've spent the last few nights driving around the Twin Ports looking at Christmas Lights.  I took some suggestions from some friends, and I've found some pretty great displays.  Here's what I came up with!

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    Exhbition Drive

    If you look up to the skyline of Duluth and see a blinking house, you're looking at Exhibition drive in the Piedmont neighborhood.   It's definitely worth a quick drive by.

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    Marcia's Christmas Lights on Park Point

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    Billings Park, Superior

    A few streets make this neighborhood a good one.  Most of the houses have done a nice job, but they aren't over the top.  There is a good concentration of them though, that makes this neighborhood a stop.   A place of note is where this picture is, where it is the best decorated house in Superior on Susquehanna and 23rd.

    Ken Hayes
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    Of course if you live in the Northland, you already know this.  But I felt the need to include this on the list for any tourist from out of town that will be heading to Duluth this month.

    Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth