Everyone is familiar with Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, the show that taught you to be yourself, how to treat others, count, or manners, among other things.

Normally a serious or light-hearted man and very soft-spoken. He always knew how to speak to children. A movie about him with Tom Hanks has made him, even more, larger than life to people.

After hearing about all the things he did for education, teaching children life lessons, and being someone to look up to, his widowed wife comes forward with the most unbelievable story about him. Maybe he was a kid himself.

She claims in a story on all that's interesting, that he used to like to fart during boring events to make his wife laugh and to liven it up a little. She tells the LA Times that he would lean over on one cheek and let it rip. She also reveals a story about a writer who wanted to let out a story about his dark side and couldn't find one.

Seems like we are all the same, aren't we?

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