My daughter Kylee and I have talked about tattoos somewhere on our bodies since she was too young to get one.  It was our "some day" conversation.  This past Christmas she made our some day closer to reality by giving me a tattoo for a gift.  We got the same tattoo and it has a very special meaning to both of us, here's why.

My daughter said it best:  "My mom and I checked something off of our bucket list. We got mother-daughter tattoos! Before you scoff at the idea, there's a story behind it all. My mom and I share a very special middle name - Lualhati. Lualhati means 'happiness' in the Filipino language. For those of you that don't know, we both share a part of the heritage as my grandma was 100% Filipino. We decided that our tattoos would be in each others handwriting just to make it even that more meaningful."

I am thrilled to share this experience and bond with my daughter!  Thanks to Nick Q. at Anchors End, he did a fantastic job keeping us calm (we were both a little nervous).  He was totally accommodating and professional and we love our tatts!

Kylee Kates


Cathy Kates