It looks like this Summer tick protection will need to be a top priority as The Minnesota Department of Health stated that more ticks that carry Lyme Disease and other illnesses are being found across the state. Experts say that 30-40 % of Deer or Black legged ticks carry Lyme Disease, unlike the more common wood or dog tick.

The only way for ticks to transmit the disease to animals or humans to be bitten. After you are bitten it usually takes 24-48 hours for the disease to pass on from the tick to the host. An early sign of Lyme Disease may be feeling tired and achy which some may confuse with with the flu and now more recently COVID-19. About 3/4 of people who are bitten will develop a rash in the shape of a ring around the bite area.

Ellen Hill, Northeast Region Epidemiologist with the Minnesota Department of Health said to FOX21 " If you’re not feeling great and you know you’ve been bitten by a tick, it’s better to seek medical attention sooner rather than later. There are antibiotics that people can take to help with the infection.”

According to Johns Hopkins Lyme Disease Research Center here are 5 Tips on Preventing Tick Bites:

  1. Create a tick free zone around your home: Example: Keep your lawn short
  2. Enjoy the Outdoors Safely: Example: Avoid exposure in wooded, overgrown areas. Stay on marked trails when hiking.
  3. Wear protective clothing treated with tick pesticide and treat your skin with insect repellent. Example: Use insect repellent with DEET, and  long sleeve shorts and pants.
  4. Perform tick checks on yourself and others after coming in from outdoors. Example: The risk of Lyme disease increases the longer a tick is attached, Shower daily.
  5. Once found remove ticks immediately by grasping them with a tweeter and pulling them off the skin. Example: Grasp the tick between the head of the tick and the skin and to pull firmly but gently away.

For more information on Ticks and Lyme Disease click here.

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