If we're going to be unseasonably cold, let's go all in.

UPDATE: We previously reported that today's Duluth record was broken with a new coldest record high for November 11 being set at 14 degrees. This report was confirmed by WDIO Monday afternoon as well. New information from the National Weather Service shows that the record was actually tied, as depicted in the Facebook post below, as the officially recorded temperature for Duluth was actually 16 degrees. The remaining content has been updated to reflect the data from the National Weather Service.

Up until today, the coldest high temperature recorded on November 11 was back in 1920, when the warmest it got on that day was 16 degrees. Today, we tied that record. While it isn't a record-breaker, it goes down in history as tied for first, which is still a big deal. Just for reference, "Normal" temperatures for today are in the mid 30s. Today clearly isn't a "normal" day.

Duluth wasn't the only place in the running to break a new record on Monday. As the Duluth NWS office tweeted earlier today, International Falls, Hibbing, Brainerd, and Ashland were all in the running to set new records today as well. Did they? Here's the results based on observation data from the NWS:

Today's HighPrevious RecordNew Record?
Duluth1616 (1920)Tie
Intl. Falls109 (1995)No
Hibbing915 (1986)Yes
Ashland1820 (1950)Yes
Brainerd1418 (1986)Yes
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Yes, 3 of 5 locations set new records based on observation data from the NWS. Brrr! Here are the top 5 coldest high temps on record for November 11 in each of these cities in the Duluth NWS service area:

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