Kyleen has been modeling for almost 9 years and lately has been having some bigger success. She has been winning modeling contests at radio stations, magazines, and the latest one trying to be on the cover and be the Pink Lipstick Lingerie Cover Girl. This is something she is asking for help with. Kyleen sings, likes to ride horses, goes 4 wheeling, and likes to hunt and fish. If you ask me that's what every man is looking for in a woman. Who is her idol? Kaitlyn Mason, she is a big inked model and is from Texas. Kyleen says she is her idol because she didn't take a shortcut and works for everything she has.

There's something else you need to know about Kyleen, this is what makes the story better and shows you how she is determines to see this through. Kyleen has a disease called Alopecia, which makes her lose her hair. You would think that would limit the work she could look for and the contests she could enter. This is where the work comes in. You have to show your confidence in the pictures because you have to have something that shows through to make you special. Kyleen wears wigs to have the look, but she says she had to build up her confidence in order to get in the place that she can show her stuff.

She says it wasn't easy and was bullied in high school in Superior and she almost gave up, but she turned it around and found her inner strength. Where does she hope to be in the future? She says the sky is the limit. She wants to be International and just concentrate on doing that for a job.

What advice does she have for someone starting out or looking to become a model? You don't have to sign with an agency right away, there are many of them out there that aren't following through on promises or take advantage of young girls that don't know what they are doing. Learn your craft, study poses, and keep good photographers close.

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