Since its inception in 1990, the Adopt A Highway program has utilized thousands of volunteers to help keep the states roadways clear of litter and trash.  Now, they need your help.

There are 5,455 segments of roadway throughout the state available for the Adopt A Highway program.  Right now, about 25% of them - 1,719 in total - are open and waiting for someone to claim them.  The state encourages both individuals as well as businesses and organizations to adopt a roadway.

The good news for Northlanders is that the Adopt A Highway segments up for grabs are mostly in Greater Minnesota.  The Twin Cities Metro has only 9 segments open right now; the rest of the need exists elsewhere.

Since 1990, the Adopt A Highway program have not only kept the roadways clean and free of litter, but it's also saved the state money.  In 2017 alone, the program realized an almost $6 million benefit.

Participants commit to two years for their particular segment and agree to clean it up at least twice during each of those years.  To sign up or to learn more about the program, click here.


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