The Minnesota Department of Revenue has received reports of at least one individual posing as an agent of the Department of Revenue, attempting to collect money fraudulently. The scammer is knocking on doors, posing as an agent, and demanding an immediate payment for back taxes owed.

The department reminds the public that they never contact individuals demanding payments without first mailing a letter of notification and they will never threaten to send police to a person's home. In a press release about the scam, the Department of Revenue laid out four things scammers may do that the department will not do:

  • Contact you about your balance due without contacting you by mail first
  • Demand payments without contacting you by mail first
  • Require that you provide payment information over the phone
  • Threaten to send police or law enforcement
Beside being cautious about door-to-door interactions demanding money like these, you should always be careful about offering personal information of any sort when confronted in person, by phone, or online. The department's website offers tips and information on how to identify suspicious contact from a potential scammer and how to protect your identity.

If you've encountered a suspicious situation like this, or any other questionable interaction with an individual that may be posing as someone from the Department of Revenue, you're encouraged to contact your local law enforcement. You can also call the state department's office at 651-296-3003 or 1-800-657-3909. An authorized Minnesota Department of Revenue staff member will be able to determine if the contact you received was legitimate.


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