The first snowfall of the season was the cause of numerous automobile accidents throughout the Northland; one of those crashes - that involved a fatality - is undergoing investigation by the Minnesota State Patrol.  Snowfall was heavier on the Range - the farther away from Lake Superior you got.

The fatal crash in question took place near Gilbert - on the Iron Range - around 4:00 PM yesterday. In addition to the snow that was accumulating, the roadway was getting icy and slipper.  According to our news partners at WDIO, four vehicles were involved:

"[The crash] started when a Corolla heading west on Highway 135 lost control and hit a Yaris coming the other direction.  Then another eastbound car, a Malibu, T-boned the Corolla.  Finally, another car read-ended the Malibu."

Minnesota State Patrol incident reports show that there was one fatality at the scene.  In addition, there were numerous other injuries in the other vehicles:

"The [Minnesota State] Patrol says there were three kids in the Corolla.  One of them has life threatening injuries.  One has injuries that are not life-threatening.  The patrol says more information will be released about another child and the driver...All of them are listed as being from Aurora."

The automobile crash near Gilbert remains under investigation by the Minnesota State Patrol.  Their agency has suggested that it would be releasing more information "by Saturday".

As the Northland transitions back into another season of winter driving, drivers are urged to use caution when on snow-covered or ice-covered roadways.  Additionally, you can check with the Minnesota Department of Transportation for up-to-the-minute road conditions on their website.

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