For just about every category of unclaimed property, there is a government lost-and-found department. You can usually search for and retrieve your missing property for free by going directly to the agency responsible for its safekeeping. Based on a review of several government agency websites, the process typically involves looking for your name on a list, completing a claim form, having it notarized and presenting some type of documentation proving you are the rightful owner of the assets.

I looked under my name and I couldn't find anything that I was missing but I found my Uncle and Cousin are due money. Have you left money in a bank that closed? Or maybe you have a lost savings bond? Here are 5 tips to getting back your unclaimed property.

1. If you have money left in a state repository click here.

2. If you have an unredeemed savings bond. click here.

3. If you have money in a bank that closed, click here

4. If you have a missing refund, click here.

5. If you have some old pension benefits, click here.

You can find anything that ranges from property to money. There is a government agency that can find it for you or lead you to a website that can help you.  Search on your own, click here.

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