Young deer hunters in Minnesota will get their first chance to hit the woods Thursday, October 15, which marks the start of the 2020 Youth Deer Season across the state.

The season goes from October 15 through October 18 and, according to the Minnesota DNR, any Minnesota youth between the ages of 10 and 17 are welcome to participate. Youth ages 10 to 13 needing to be accompanied by an adult parent/guardian/mentor 18 or older.

The accompanying adult does not need a license, but they cannot hunt in most areas and party hunting is not allowed (youth must tag their own deer). Adults may hunt in areas where the early antlerless season is open as long as they have the correct license.  Any deer harvested by an adult accompanying a youth hunter will count count toward the youth’s annual statewide bag limit.

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Some of the other requirements and limits the DNR has in place for this season include:

  • Participating youth must possess a valid firearm deer license. Youth age 10, 11, and 12 must possess a free license. Youth age 12 and older must also have a firearms safety certificate or apprentice hunter validation.
  • An early antlerless deer license is not required for youth to participate in the youth deer season. Only youth who continue hunting in an area open for the early antlerless season after their youth license is filled need to possess an early antlerless license.
  • Blaze orange/pink requirements apply to all hunters, trappers and adult mentors during this season.
  • The bag limit is one either sex deer, except where the early antlerless season is in effect. Youth may not take antlerless deer in permit areas designated bucks only.
  • Legal bucks must be tagged with the youth’s firearm license. Bonus tags are not valid for legal bucks. Party hunting is not allowed.
  • Deer permit area designations for the youth season are the same as the firearms season. A permit area designated hunter choice during the firearm season is hunter choice during the youth deer season.
  • Youth may use a bonus tag rather than their youth firearm license tag for antlerless deer in permit areas designated managed or intensive, or where the early antlerless season is in effect.

You can follow the link below for all the details.


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