According to a report from FOX9 Minneapolis Police responded to a 911 call regarding a postal worker that had been assaulted. The perpetrator, 29-year-old Justicss Lacole Smith of Minneapolis allegedly attacked a United States Postal Worker with a box cutter while he was out on his route delivering mail.

When police arrived on the scene the victim told them that Smith had pulled up to him in her car while he was on his route and walked towards him with a box cutter in her right hand. She then apparently struck the victim in the head injuring his ear. She then proceeded to go inside his postal truck throwing packages and mail out of the vehicle before stealing his driver's license and debit card which were sitting on the dashboard.

She then attempted to slash the tires of his mail truck before taking off in her vehicle. According to witnesses, this was not a random encounter. Apparently, Smith had been bothering this particular man before, by breaking the windshield of his car, harassing him at work, and threatening him not to show up to testify against her in court for a previous case stemming from an incident that occurred on April 2. In that particular case, she was charged with threats of violence for pointing a gun at someone's head.

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She faces one count of stalking and tampering with witness testimony from the April 2 incident. A warrant has been issued for her arrest and I am assuming she will be facing more charges from this latest incident. Hopefully, they will be able to apprehend her soon for the sake of this poor gentleman who has had to deal with ongoing harassment from her and now a physical assault.

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