Winter made a quick appearance in Minnesota and Wisconsin this year.  The snowfall was a good reminder of what season we are transitioning to.  Now it is time to get ready for the upcoming winter season.  Vehicles are getting a pre-winter check-up, snow removal equipment is being prepared for use, winter clothing is being seen etc.

This week started Winter Awareness Week, Nov 1014, funny we get our first big snowfall this week. How do you get ready for winter?  Do you have a checklist of things you need to do?  The following information was provided by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety – Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.  The website that is mentioned provides fact sheets, video, websites etc related to each of the daily topics.


Little things do matter.

Minnesota and Wisconsin winter is underway and the question is – are you ready for it? Getting ready for winter doesn’t always take a lot of work. Sometimes it’s just a few little things that can make the difference between safety and suffering: having a survival kit in your car, changing the batteries in your carbon monoxide detector, staying well-hydrated during outdoor fun.

Winter Awareness Website

To help everyone minimize the risks and hazards of winter, the Minnesota Department of Public Safety – in collaboration with the National Weather Service and other local, state, and federal agencies– sponsors “Winter Hazard Awareness Week” each fall to educate and reinforce in people some simple behaviors and actions that lead to a warm, safe and enjoyable winter season. The week-long event includes a media campaign and other informational materials posted on the website: Click Here  The campaign targets specific information each day and can be used in conjunction with school, church, or civic programs.

Be Safe

Be safe while you enjoy the outdoors, check on your neighbors, especially if they are older. Make sure you know what to do in the case of a winter emergency.

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