This is a once in a lifetime chance to rock with the Minnesota Vikings Skol Line Drum Line, plus score some tickets to the Vikings/Cardinals game on November 20th. I had the chance to experience their excitement after a Minnesota Vikings 5K run.  You don't have to be a drummer to enter the contest, you just have to love the Vikes and keep up with their unending energy.

Want in on this game day experience?  It's part of the Minnesota Viking's Reward Program.

The Vikings Rewards program gives you a chance at once in a lifetime opportunities and the chance to win Vikings inspired prizes.  Basically, you earn points just for being a fan of the Minnesota Vikings.

If you choose to enter (and I don't know why you wouldn't) you'll get a pair of tickets to the game on November 20 when the Vikes take on the Cardinals.  Plus, you'll both get Skol Line jerseys to wear.  You'll be on the field with the Skol Line during the pregame performance and the Skol Chant when they perform on the "perch" at the U.S. Bank Stadium.  Good Luck!

Watch the Minnesota Vikings Skol Line in action:

You have until November 7, 2016 to enter!