Even as close as last night, the Twin Cities was expecting to see "several inches" of snow. Today, the reality is they got pretty much nothing. We in the Duluth area see this happen at least a couple times a year. A big storm is forecast to hit, then it fizzles out or misses us completely (thanks, Lake Superior).

The weather team at WCCO TV in the Twin Cities decided to have a little fun with this non-storm this morning, reading some mean tweets and Facebook comments about the storm in a live-stream video on their Facebook page.

This is the latest in Twin Cities TV meteorologists handling the heat from the forecast that was ultimately wrong. FOX 9 posted something to their website yesterday, explaining how difficult it can be to forecast winter storms; basically softening the blow for today. They're not wrong. Weather is finicky. Even the slightest change in temperature or wind direction can drastically change the outcome of a storm event. So, while you may mock the weatherman (or woman) with the classic line "I wish I could get paid to be wrong most of the time", I ask you this: Can you predict the future?

Now, for some laughs courtesy of the social media world and the WCCO weather team.

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