This is one title we will gladly take! Minnesota has been named one of the safest states in the entire country.

WalletHub is a website that is always doing studies on different things. In the past, they have named both Minnesota and Wisconsin as a few of the best states for teachers. In fact, that study was released just last year.

Just a few months prior, both Minnesota and Wisconsin also topped the list with best school systems in the country. See what I mean? They do several studies each year and it isn't unusual for us to rank high on the lists.

The latest study the website did was based on safety. They released the study on Tuesday (October 26th), naming the safest states in the country - and the ones that aren't so safe, too.

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We know Minnesota ranked high on the list but how did they get to this conclusion? According to the website, they looked at a bunch of different factors. Those factors include fatalities on the road, how many law enforcement employees there are, rates of assault and bullying, those with rainy day funds, among many other factors.

It looks like Minnesota is doing okay, as they were ranked the fourth safest state in the entire country. That is pretty impressive. Here's why we ranked so high:

  • Minnesota has one of the lowest fatality rates per 100 vehicle miles of travel.
  • The state has one of the lowest shares of uninsured population.
  • Minnesota has one of the highest percentages of adults with rainy day funds (or an emergency savings account).
  • Minnesota has great workplace safety - in fact, we rank number one in this category!

Back in 2018, Minnesota was a little higher on the list. WalletHub released a similar study and Minnesota came in as the third safest state in the country. Considering all that has happened since then, I would say being the fourth safest state is still pretty impressive!

So where are you the safest? You will have to head to Vermont, Maine or New Hampshire. Avoid Texas, Mississippi and Louisiana if you don't want to be at the bottom of the list.

In case you're wondering, you are pretty safe in Wisconsin as well: they came in at number twenty on the list. Earlier this year, Wisconsin was named one of the grossest states in the country. I still feel bad about that one. 

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