Haleh Saberi has a great opportunity to make the cover of Jetset Magazine, but can't do it without your help. I had the opportunity to meet her and talk about what a great career builder this would be. Here's details how to vote.

Click on the link HERE to Jetset and vote. You can vote every 24 hours so please go back to vote again. You only have until Tuesday March 20th to vote. If Haleh can capture the number one spot she will move on to the next level.

What this would do for her is put her on the cover of Jetset Magazine and she would be seen by millions of people. She will be flown out to the ceremony to celebrate her win. There are VIPs there and it's held at a private jet hangar at Jetset’s Scottsdale, Arizona headquarters. The purpose of the evening was to give a sizable donation to the Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation and celebrate the new Miss Jetset, which hopefully will be our own Haleh Saberi.

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