It is unfortunately a pretty common trend of people having packages stolen off their porches or entryways from their homes and one Minnesota man is out to change that. A Twin Cities Inventor by the name of Mike Brennan was sick of hearing stories of his neighbors packages being stolen from in front of their houses and told WCCO/CBSlocal that he was not surprised when it happened to them too.

So with that in mind Brennan built a box and asked for packages to be put inside.The box includes a pad lock, for which he has the key, and is tethered down with a steel cable in case somebody decides to run off with the entire box. After a few rough drafts and teaming up with a local woodworking company Brennan came up with  “Package of Mind Security Boxes.” They come in 2 different sizes and although made of wood, they should be able to stand up to the harsh weather conditions in Minnesota.

Brennan is now trying to raise enough money through a Kickstarter campaign, saying he needs around $24,000 to have enough capitol to get into business. The boxes start at $185, but customers will not be charged for the box or given their purchase until the entire $24,000 is raised.

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