A restaurant that has served the Duluth community near the Miller Hill Mall for 37 years, and had become a popular meeting spot for loyal customers over the years, has permanently closed its doors.

The Miller Hill Perkins Restaurant & Bakery is no longer. According to a report by our media partners at WDIO-TV, ownership said the decision was made because the restaurant had become unsustainable for various reasons.

The Flaherty family owns the business and in an interview with WDIO, Dillon Flaherty voiced sadness not only for him and his employees, but for all the loyal customers who had supported the business over the years.

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He added that the COVID-19 pandemic also played a role in the decision. With a significant number of their clientele being older, they weren't out and about as much anymore and some simply stopped coming altogether. Even though many customers were excited to return, it was not enough to sustain the restaurant.

Monday was a very difficult day for employees and customers alike. As staff members, including a couple servers who have been there for 31 years, emptied out the building, they still took the time to make fresh muffins and cookies so they could to hand them out to their regular customers

As for the other two Duluth Perkins restaurants, located at 2502 London Road and 1955 West Michigan Street, they are owned by Dillon's brother Sean Flaherty, and they will remain open for business. That also holds true for the Perkins Restaurant & Bakery locations in Superior and Cloquet.

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