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Mike Tyson is going to star in a one-man show about himself. "Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth -- Live on Stage" it will premiere with a six-night run next month at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, running from April 13-18. Tyson will explain what it was like to have been feared, reviled and pitied during his career.  Then at the end he will sound an air horn to wake everyone up!





Jason Segel says he will not return to do another Muppet Movie. He says his goal was to bring them back to the forefront, and he accomplished his goal. It was then reported that Disney took their hand out of his back and stopped talking for him.






Elizabeth Berkley is reporting for diaper duty!! The 39-year-old former Showgirls and Saved by the Bell star is expecting her first child with her artist hubby, Greg Lauren.  The couple's baby is due this summer.  Berkley’s career hasn’t been doing anything so this couldn't have come at a better time.