Mike Rowe is back for a new season of "Dirty Jobs" and the filming all happened last year in the Twin Cities at The University of Minnesota. In the episode which aired last night on Discovery Channel he "crams into a hockey arena's escalator where he scrapes and cleans a special kind of shmutz from the bottom," You can see the episode on-demand on Discovery Channel and streaming on Discovery+.

The hit show started back in 2005 -2013 with a limited series in 2020. Mike is back with season 9 picking up where he left off and got down and dirty at one of the dirtiest jobs in America. I often chuckle at the thought of escalators because it seems like they are pretty rare nowadays, except we have one in our building which I honestly love to ride up and down on. Who knew that these giant moving stairs could accumulate so much gunk?

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Rowe said in a statement.:

I’ve been flattered over the last year by hundreds of letters from loyal fans, urging me to reboot the series, and I’m excited and honored to introduce the country to a new batch of hardworking Americans who aren’t afraid to get dirty.

According to Bring Me The News: Rowe has done some other dirty jobs in Minnesota in past episodes. In May 2008 he helped pull out a car that fell through the ice in Detroit Lakes. In October 2008 he was in Becker County to help catch leeches for bait! EEEEEK! I hate leeches, they are so gross. Check out the video below of me trying to hook a single leech on a fishing hook. For a sneak peek of his latest Minnesota Dirty Job click here!

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