Mike Lindell, a loyal President Trump supporter, says that retailers are starting to dump his MyPillow products from stores.

Lindell tells FOX 9 that Bed Bath and Beyond, Kohl's, Wayfair and H-E-B have dropped MyPillow from their stores due to pressure carried out by "leftist groups" on social media.

Lindell has been echoing Trump's claims about the election being a fraud, and he was seen visiting the White House last week carrying notes that include stuff about the election and the words "martial law if necessary" were photographed in the notes.

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Retailers removing his products from store shelves isn't the only problem Lindell is facing, The New York Times is also reporting that he's facing a lawsuit from Dominion Voting Systems over Lindell's and Trump's claim that their voting machines were rigged to favor Biden in the election. Lindell says he welcomes the lawsuit.

Lindell is rumored to be interested in politics himself, back in September, Jennifer Carnahan, the Chairwoman of the Minnesota GOP, tweeted out a photo of Lindell at a Trump event saying, "we are going to make him our next Governor."

Lindell has been a long time Trump supporter and has made several appearances at rallies and has been the President's guest at Mar-a-Lao in Florida, Trump has even said, "When I sleep I'm using his pillow."



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