The Pine County Sheriff's office shared video of what is likely a meteor streaking across the sky this morning. You can see in the video below that it looks as if the object breaks up in the sky. The Pine County Sheriff's Office shared it on their Facebook page, saying that the video was taken near Soo Line and Denham Road.

People have been commenting that they too saw the streaking object in the sky on their morning commute. This video was taken from the dash camera of a squad car. Denham Road and Soo Line Road intersection is just west of Willow River, and Southwest of Moose Lake.

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Some people claim to also have heard the meteor in the sky. Sometimes this can be from the faster than sound sonic boom created. Also, it is possible that radio waves can cause objects on the ground to vibrate such as our ears. There's some interesting stuff with these cosmic shooting stars that you can read up on at

Meteors tend to not generally crash into the ground, as friction from the Earth's atmosphere will tend to burn up these cosmic objects. As you can see in the video the large ball of fire splits as it goes across the sky, likely disintegrating in a spectacular light show.

Thank you to the Pine County Sheriff's Office for sharing this video and giving us something fun and awesome to talk about these days.

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