That second part might not be true, but I found a story that talks about actual research. (yeah, right, I know a friend that does constant research.) Does Marijuana work on curing diarrhea? According to research, it might help your body help itself. Is that why we never see Snoop Dogg or Willie Nelson do a Pepto-Bismol commercial?

According to in the Indian Medical Gazette which provides actual evidence on how cannabis is used to treat diarrhea. It said a Dr. Turner, who worked at the Holloway Dispensary, came across a number of cases in which diarrhea was not only the main but also the underlying problem of many illnesses. He came up with a formula whose main component was cannabis. And it worked.

According to, Diarrhea is most common during the summer, followed by a fair amount of depression, cramps and nausea. It also happens quite often when people go on vacation by eating strange foods, or ingesting parasites.

How did it work? According to the study, diarrhea makes you lose your appetite, weed speeds up your digestive tract and makes you hungry, so you cure yourself. At least that is the theory.

What's the dosage? says two hits are enough in a pipe or vaporizer. They also say you should not leave it in the vaporizer because then next time your kids get a cold, they might want to eat a bunch of Twinkies or Doritos after a good night sleep.

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