At Meat Loaf's last live performance before his death in January 2022, the Bat Out of Hell singer recalled how he landed his first performing role.

Appearing on the talk show Huckabee in September 2021, Meat Loaf told the story of how he showed up with a friend at Los Angeles' Aquarius Theatre in 1969 to apply for a job parking cars. But he was brought inside the venue to audition for the theater's upcoming production of Hair. The director asked what music the young singer brought to perform. "Nothing," Meat Loaf replied. "I came to get a job in the parking lot."

He sang just a few lines of a gospel song he had recently learned, only to be stopped by the director. "What are you doing tonight?" he asked. "What if I offered you a job in the musical?" Meat Loaf accepted, and his musical career started that night.

Meat Loaf performed three songs on Huckabee, including one written by frequent collaborator Jim Steinman, who died in April 2021. "He was my brother ... so if you don't mind, we're gonna dedicate this song to Jimmy," he said before launching into "Out of the Frying Pan (And Into the Fire)." Meat Loaf also sang "Los Angeloser" and "Mercury Blues." It was the first time all three songs were performed since 2016.

Watch Meat Loaf Perform on 'Huckabee' in 2021

According to, Meat Loaf's last full concert performance took place on July 2, 2016, in Moose Jaw, Canada. However, other outlets suggest that the show was canceled, leaving June 30, 2016, as his final concert. Just a few weeks earlier, the singer collapsed onstage and required medical attention.

Meat Loaf saw his 2021 appearance on Huckabee as proof that his vocals had lost none of their power over the years. "My voice is in incredible shape," he noted. "I can sing Bat Out of Hell no problem, all in the same key, all the high notes."

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