On May 4, McDonald's across the country will be offering customers a chance to get a FREE regular size McFlurry as a way to say sorry we have confused you all these years with our spoon that many people think is a straw as well. I admit that I chuckled a little bit when I first heard about this because when my kids were younger it never failed that right away they would suck on the top of the spoon and I would have to remind them that it is a spoon not a straw.

McDonald's first premiered the McFlurry way back in 1997 and is always a delicious sweet treat, but the funny thing is, is the notorious ice cream machines that always seem to be broken no matter what McDonald's you  go to. So hopefully with this current offer they will get the machines in tip top shape, because I have a feeling that a lot of people will be flocking for their free treat.

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So why is the spoon shaped like that? According to McDonald's the spoon attaches to the McFlurry machine and acts as a mixer, so that is why it is shaped the way it is. So how do you get the free MsFlurry? First you will need to download the McDonald's App which is Free for Apple and Android phones then scan the offer code and pick up your free McFlurry from the nearest McDonald's.

On top of that, you can get a free regular size new Caramel Brownie McFlurry when you spend $15 or more on Uber Eats McDonald’s orders placed from May 3-9.  According to a statement from McDonald's

Consider it our way of making that salty moment of confusion just a little sweeter

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