First it was french fries being removed from Happy Meals.  Then, toys.  Now it appears that McDonald's is prepped to tamper with the very menu item that start the fast food chain:  cheeseburgers.  News has broke that McDonald's plans to remove cheeseburgers and chocolate milk from the options for its children-targeted Happy Meals.  The move is expected to roll out nationally by June 2018.

Company spokespeople point out that - much like the substitution of apples for french fries back in 2011 - customers will be able to request the food items as an ala carte item.  Critics still point out that its an actual menu removal since the items won't be promoted as standard fare.

Similar to other fast food chains, McDonald's has been under fire in the past few years by health nutritionists and millennials.  Nutritionists are critical of the high fat and sugar content of the food traditionally served at fast food restaurants.  Meanwhile, many millennials have moved away from such restaurants; a recent factoid that made the press revealed that only 1 in 5 millennials had ever eaten one of McDonald's signature Big Mac sandwiches.


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