I've had pretzel chips - I've even eaten a Pretzel Salad!  But a "pretzel bun"?

When McDonald’s in Germany invited consumers to create their own sandwich, fans came up with flavors that include pretzel-bun burgers, an Italian-style chicken burger, and a curry and chili-flavored sandwich with chorizo and jalapenos, all of which will be sold across Germany for a limited time.

Over 300,000 recipes were submitted and the fast-food giant chose the winners.  Now, German patrons of the Golden Arches will get to sample the winning results.

The first burger to make its debut is the “Pretzelnator” on April 26, made with a pretzel-bun. Toppings include American and Italian cheese, ham, lettuce, onions and mayo.


For the next five weeks until May 30, McDonald’s in Germany will sell a new burger ranging from the more banal Italian-style breaded chicken sandwiches topped with mozzarella, black forest ham and a ciabatta bun; a triple-patty burger with barbecue sauce and bacon; and a double-patty burger sandwiching everything from chorizo sausage, a curry chili sauce, jalapeno peppers, and an Asian salad mix.

Who knows?  If the Pretzelnator catches on, it might make it's way across the Atlantic to the United States.


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