In honor of International Women’s Day, and in celebration of March as Women’s History Month, Mayor Emily Larson is partnering with Marcus Theatres, YWCA Girl Power and the Valley Youth Center program to host a special viewing of the movie “Hidden Figures.”

According to a Press Release from the City Of Duluth, the film is scheduled to leave the theatres tomorrow, but Marcus Theatres wukk gave a special matinee showing of the movie at 1:30pm on Thursday March 16th.

Joining Mayor Larson at the theatre will be 40 participants from the YWCA Girl Power program and Valley Youth Center. Other youth groups are also invited to join the event.

Larson is quoted in the press realease saying, “Women are change makers, leaders, mothers and mentors. In countless ways we shape our communities, cities, states and world,” , she goes on to say “Stories of women’s struggles and resilience are a critical part of our history, and understanding where we’ve been is an important part of building the path to where we’re going....”

I remember Mayor Larson saying that one of her goals with being mayor was she wanted to reconnect the youth with government. The city of Duluth release goes on to report that the Mayor wants to have more time in the schools and after school programs and have  children and young girls see how the government works and gain some some hands on knowledge to make a change in their neighborhoods.



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