The Star Wars movies are well-known for their use of hidden Easter eggs and inside references, and that includes actor cameos. While Mark Hamill is best known for his role of Luke Skywalker, the Disney+ documentary series Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian revealed that he also voiced droid EV-9D9 for the show. Now that the secret’s out, Hamill took to Twitter to reveal some more of his covert appearances in the Star Wars movies. According to Hamill, he’s had small voice roles in every Star Wars movie except for the prequels:

Now, you may have already known that Hamill provided the voice and motion capture for minor character Dobbu Scay in Star Wars: The Last Jedi — his name was listed in the credits. But in The Rise of Skywalker, his character of Boolio is credited to “Patrick Williams,” which turns out to be a pseudonym for Hamill. But “Patrick Williams" can’t be found in the credits of the rest of the movies, even though we know Hamill is in there somewhere. The verdict’s still out on which characters he voiced in The Force Awakens, Rogue One, and Solo. 

As many of us are still in self-isolation, now might be the perfect time to investigate these movies for further Hamill voice cameos. It won’t be easy though — Hamill is a master of disguise when it comes to voiceover work. Still, it’s worth a shot. Happy Hamill hunting!

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