The road to the final four in the  Georgia Dome starts to play itself out over the next couple of days. People filling out their picks for the National Champion. The computers have now picked the Champ, see how you match up.

The computers say third seeded Florida will take the National Championsip.  According to Science Daily,  Georgia Tech's Logistic Regression/Markov Chain (LRMC) college has chosen the men's basketball national champ in three of the last five years. The article goes on to say that the LRMC predicts that Florida, Louisville, Indiana and Gonzaga are most likely to advance to the Final Four in Atlanta, with Florida and Gonzaga playing for the title on Monday, April 8. It's the first time in the LRMC's 10-year history a team that isn't a number one seed is picked to win the title.

It uses only math and all kinds of statistics to predict the outcome rather than the fact that I like coach Rick Pitino and think the Gophers might pull off an upset because I live in the land of 10,000 lakes.

Now that you know, fill out your brackets!! Just don't do it on company time, unless your company has a pool.

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