When Aaron Collins passed away, he left a request for his brother Seth, to take $500 and give it as a tip to a random waiter/waitress. It had to be a random act of kindness, that was the only part of the wish that had to be followed. When they left the money, the first time, there was film of it and that video, once posted, went viral.

Screen Shot WRTV ABC News

Ever since the first time, people have been sending money to Seth to keep doing it in his brothers' honor. There is enough money for Seth to keep doing this every week. So, on the one year anniversary of Aaron's death, Seth, Mom and Dad all went to Thre3e Wise Men Brewing Company in Indianapolis for the 54th tip in Aaron's name.

Beth Foster was the person who got the tip. "It couldn't have come at a better time in my life," server Beth Foster told ABC News' Indianapolis, affiliate WRTV. "I'm a teacher just looking for a job and it's kind of hard right now."

Screen Shot WRTV ABC News

Seth Collins has collected $60,000, and plans to travel to all 50 states and give out a $500 tip each week until the money is gone. Indiana was the 17th state Seth has traveled to as part of his mission he also chronicles each tip on a blog dedicated to Aaron's memory.

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