Jumping on the bed is one of the carefree rites of childhood that you probably stopped doing long before you started paying rent or a mortgage. Reuben Reynoso, an adult, makes his living jumping on mattresses.

"It's work,"explained the professional mattress jumper. "It's not for everybody. There is a right way and a wrong way to do it."

Reynoso is employed by McRoskey, a mattress brand that retails for up to $2,700 for a king size. Three times a day, at the company's San Francisco factory, Reynoso expertly jumps on a mattress as part of the process in which they achieve their firmness. There are machines that could do this, but McRoskey finds that ten toes yield better results.

"This is not a game," Reynoso, who has a methodical method of 100 bounces on each side, told the San Francisco Chronicle. "Not to me."

In the past Reynoso has been a carpenter, roofer, construction worker, railroad engineer and maker of corn syrup. But he says this is the job he likes best.

As a child, his marine father forbid mattress jumping of any kind. These days, Reynoso is living the dream.