Jason Nordberg was going through his late Grandmother Dorla's things and came across this gem of a record from a Duluth Radio Station.

He posted it on his Facebook page and I saw it. So here's what I found out. Claire Stewart is the name of the artist and the credit for writing the single is given to our Townsquaremedia Station WEBC The Fan 560. According to Brian Phillips of WFMU, he couldn't find any origins of the record or the artist.

discogs.com approved stephen lenz
discogs.com approved stephen lenz

So I did a little digging, and I found out this from a website named Discogs. This is what they had on their site.

This record was produced to promote WEBC radio station in Duluth, Minnesota. "Duluth, My Home Town" was a song created by a jingle production house; a number of versions of this song exist with different lyrics relating to other cities, with vocals credited both to Claire Stewart and other singers. "This Is WEBC" is a spoken word recording by Dr. Don Rose and other DJS on the station in the late 1950's, and includes a number of WEBC jingles of that time. "Cast of Thousands" is a spoof credit.

So it was a promotional thing and there were many versions made for small market radio stations and according to Reel Radio came from PAM's, a company that sold this promotional record to a lot of radio stations and used DJ Dr. Don Rose (a very big DJ in America) and mixed it with all the DJs from the radio station. So I would imagine Claire Stewart was a contract singer that worked for the jingle company.

WFMU goes on to say that Brian Phillips found the record he reviewed in a Thrift store in Atlanta. He researched WEBC and looked up who was working there when the record came out and said the record contained these men, "Lance 'Tac' Hammer, Dave Duluth, Lew Latto, Doctor Don Rose and Dave Gordon".

Jason Nordberg has quite the local radio station fan collector's item. Thank you for letting me share it with people

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