Dan Vaught, Mark Connoly, and Ed Esslestrom make up the Mackie Brothers band, now making their own history.

The group of guys came from a Twin Ports megaband called MYNX. Mark was one of the founding members. MYNX was one of the hardest working bands from the 80s along with The Rage and others, they could be found working every weekend.

Mark took the time to be a hockey Dad. Jack, playing for UMD and named All-American three times and won the 2012 Hobey Baker Award then moving on to hockey overseas. Chris, played for Boston University and captained and co-captained the team his last two years there. He also plays overseas.

Ed had been working in the health industry is a first responder. Ed is the bass player in the group.

Dan moved on to Midnight Ride along with MYNX bassist Cory Clay, a country group.

The three joined up again when MYNX made a comeback for a few years, it was then they started using the last name of a local nurse who had impressed them. Irene Maki, when introduced said, just call me Maki. So, the members of MYNX called each other Maki.

When the Schmitts moved to Nashville to be with their successful music business sons, the three decided to do something on their own and borrowed the Maki name and called themselves the Mackie Brothers.

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