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CSI:NY star Gary Sinise was involved in a car accident, forcing him to cancel a show with his Lt. Dan Band. He was not seriously hurt, but as a result, cancelled appearances with the cover band he plays bass for and which he named after his famous character from Forrest Gump. He was quoted as saying….it was my legs, but I have magic legs. Ok, you will only get that if you’ve seen the movie. Bad Phillip, Bad Joke!





Tim Tebow was in LA this past week and got himself a MANicure. Tebow came out of MB Nails in West Hollywood showing off  his new toes in sport sandals. Sources say he was very polite for his $23 foot job, when asked why, he said he felt it was important now that he’s playing for Rex Ryan, who reportedly has a little fetish. Well, I suppose Tim whatever gets your foot in the door!!!






Here’s the Hot Poop!!! Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are back together! Una noche! Just for one night. As part of Q'Viva! The Chosen Live's upcoming show, Lopez and Anthony will share the stage on May 26 in Las Vegas. The live show will also feature the top performers from their televised talent program. Anthony says it is a night of passion, that each loves performing and have continued to work well together. JLo also says it will be a night of magic, but only on the stage.