If you love to work outdoors or recently graduated with a major that would have you seeking a position with the Forestry Service, there's a hiring fair coming up that could help you realize your career goals.  There will be a Student and Recent Graduate Hiring Event with the U.S. Forestry Service coming up in November.

The hiring fair will coincide with the American Foresters Convention in Madison, WI on November 2 and 3.  More than 140 jobs with the Forestry Service needs to be filled in various forests throughout the United States, but if you're looking to stick close to home you may want to consider the 45 here in the Eastern Region.

They boast good pay, health care, vacation and they offer flexible work schedules.  Working for the U.S. Forest Service doesn't mean that you'll be doing the same thing every day deep in the forest, they actually have several diverse opportunities.  Conservation, managing the landscape, recreational and economic.  Besides offering career options, they are also looking for two Pathways student interns, one that will be a Database Manager in Deer River and one that will be a Forestry Tech in Walker, MN.

If you are unable to make it to the hiring fair there's online apps taken from October 3-7.  If you're planning on doing that you should go to USAJOBS to set up your profile and upload your resume, it'll make things much easier when it's time to fill out your app.  Good luck in your job search!

News Release:  US Department of Agriculture/Forest Service, Scott Farley

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