If you drive a heavy truck for personal or job-related reasons, you're probably well-versed in the way that the changing seasons affect weight-limits on our roadways.  This past weekend brought about a change as winter load increases for Minnesota state highways has lapsed.  This means that drivers will now need to heed the regular limits on all roads.

In addition, a bit of misinformation had been passed that spring load restrictions would also be starting at that time. The county was quick to retract the information;  Spring load restrictions are not yet being placed on roadways in our region.

Generally speaking, when frost and cold weather makes the ground firmer, the State of Minnesota and St. Louis County both allow heavier vehicles onto carefully dictated roadways.  Often, industries that haul heavy equipment and loads will use this time of the year to move items that they otherwise couldn't.

Top learn more about load limits on Minnesota's highways, click here.


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