Several years ago I was doing my show on Kool, and during a commercial break I caught "Lesley Gore tonight at the DECC" during the commercial for some event there. I thought to myself, I should interview her, I play her songs,why not? I happened to know the MC for the show and called him. I remember telling him I know she's in town, and asked him to tell me where she's staying, To my surprise, he told me, but then added "Rayman, she does not give interviews."  I called the hotel, not knowing what name she registered under. When I was told she was not accepting any calls, I knew I was half way there already.

I replied that I know she has at least one assistant with her that has to receive calls, so put me through, which they did. I was then connected to her assistant and was told she does not grant interviews, and I responded "I understand that, but being that she has thousands of fans here in the Northland who have loved and supported her over the years, some may be at the show tonight, many who will not, it would give Miss Gore the opportunity through a brief interview to thank them." I also mentioned that if someone wants to listen to Lesley Gore, my station is the only station that plays her songs in daily rotation 24/7. Her response was "she does not grant interviews." I told her " that's for her to say and me to find out..please relay the message ..I'll hold on."

She cupped her hand over the phone as she was talking to someone. The next voice I hear is, "This is Leslie,, who is this?" I basically went through the same routine with her, she replied" I'll give you 5 minutes." Bingo! That 5 minutes lasted 20. She was a great interview, I remember one thing I said to her." I'll bet I can guess your favorite Lesley Gore song.. Its My Party.." "No no Rayman,I was just a kid when I cut that, my favorite is You Don't Own Me." I asked her why? " I sing that song all over the world, it always gets the biggest response because it's about women's rights, equal rights, women need to stand up for their rights, the women's movement, it's almost an anthem, in every part of the world."

After the interview ended, she asked if I'd be at the show tonight. I told her we were not given any tickets. She asked if I knew the MC which I did, but told her he's not about to do me any more favors." Let me call him and I'll have him call you..see you tonight." 10 minutes later I received his call. He told me where and when to meet him, and sure enough he was there. So there we are, nobody in the DECC, no band nothing except he and I. Far away in the distance, I see this petite lovely woman walking toward us. She walks up to me, shakes my hand and says "you must be the Rayman."  I thanked her for the interview, she gave me a hug, she told the MC" I want him to stand right here, I'll have something to say about him after my first number."

Sure enough after her first number, she said some very kind words about Kool, and myself, which was well received by the audience. After the show as she was escorted by the MC from the stage, she gave me a wink and a nod, and that was the last I ever saw or heard from Lesley Gore. The woman had class, and plenty of it. When I heard of her passing, I searched my database of interviews. Nothing there, which means I did not record it, or it's stashed where I keep all my interviews, in a warehouse. I also searched under what I call "pimps", When ever I interview a major star, I always ask them to give my station and myself a pimp. I have the one Leslie gave.  I'll always remember that last wink.