The folks at the US Census Bureau said now is the time they will send out the last postcard to remind people to fill out their census before someone comes.

It is not hard. It took me 10 minutes and I was done. I did mine months ago. The part that is really important is the census is used for money and grants for your area, and it helps with election information too.

According to a news release on the website, the Census Bureau will send the last postcard before they send people. If there is no response in the mail or online the Bureau will deploy a person so stop by, socially distanced, and safe to either help, take information or leave a card which explains the whole process.

The census-taking process was delayed because of the Coronavirus Pandemic and so the US Census has had to pick up the information taking process with a plan in place in order to still get the information but keep their employees safe.

The people taking the information are called Enumerators. The US Census people will begin circulating  Aug. 11 to take down information..

According to the news release, Minnesota has almost 72 percent responding – that means more than one in four households has yet to respond, and even though Wisconsin is in second with 70 percent, again, that's almost 1 in 4 that haven't responded.

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According to a response map, one of the groups was Fond du Lac at almost 60% but Red Lake only had 5.2% responding. The US Census Bureau said they need better numbers from those areas because they are historically undercounted and want to make sure everyone's voice is heard.

If you have not responded, or you have not received anything in the mail, here are two ways you can respond: 

  • Online – visit
  • Phone – call 844-330-2020 – phone lines are open 6 a.m. to 1 a.m. Central – seven days a week

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