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Lady Gaga got a promise ring from her honey yesterday, do people still do that? What does a promise ring mean anyway, I promise….uh, something. I don’t want to give you a real ring, just this cheap ring, I don’t want to marry you, so this will have to mean something, but I can still change my mind.






Cyndi Lauper will be publishing her life story, in book form.  So, look for a comic book due out soon. Oh, come on, have you seen her hair.








Austin Texas will be putting up a statue to honor Willie Nelson soon, I guess this is the only way he can get stoned in public legally….








HERE’S THE HOT POOP!!  Axl Rose says he will not show up to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction for Guns n’ Roses. He says he doesn’t feel respected or wanted. Do you want a diaper too Axl, you cry baby!! UGH, what do you want, for everyone to beg you to come? You’re right, nobody likes you, stay home! We can find someone else that can sing like you, without your attitude!!